Kenichi Sakuma Method Full Body lose weight effortlessly

Kenichi Sakuma Method Full Body lose weight effortlessly

Personal trainer Kenichi Sakuma created a method that deviates from the maxim that says “how much more exercise you do, the better”. Instead, he states that “Weight loss has less to do with body type and more with the way we use it

The “Sakuma Method” is based on considering that it is possible to increase the energy consumed by the body without making an extra effort. How? Correcting bad habits of the body, such as postures that prevent us from losing fat, or learning to exercise all the muscles and not just some, such as those of the abdominal and torso muscles, fundamental to improve the figure and metabolism.

The Sakuma method: losing weight without effort

“The Sakuma method is the fastest and most effective method to obtain a dream body. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition can get a stylized figure in two weeks by spending only 5 minutes a day exercising,” he says.

“As soon as we learn how to use the muscles we’ve never used, our spine will straighten; our torso, waist and abdomen will be toned and the volume of the thighs and hips will decrease,” he adds.

“Using the muscles of the torso correctly adds other added advantages, such as the toning of the face and the disappearance of neck, back and head pains”.

Postural re-education is learned and never forgotten, so it is key to get it right. “If the body learns to use the muscles of the torso without realizing it, the neck, shoulders, pelvis, knees and ankles will align.”

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The method then proposes to do a routine of five simple exercises per day of one minute each, for two weeks. And then, in the third, perform the sessions three times a week, interspersing days of exercise and rest days.

The coach says that with this method, in a short time it is possible to relax, lose weight and gain tone in thighs, arms, hips and abs.

Sakuma Method Exercises

Here we share some exercises you can do to implement this method:

  • Exercise 1

This exercise helps reduce the volume of the lower body, lift the buttocks and thin the thighs. In addition, it stimulates the respiratory muscles that are located under the shoulder blades, the upper part of the buttock, the inner side of the thighs and the muscles of the pelvis.

  1. Lie face down. Bring both your hands to your head and bring your chin to your chest.
  2. Take off the chest of the floor and raise the feet.
  3. Try to keep your legs together, squeezing for 10 seconds.
  4. Now cross your legs and push out for another 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat three times.

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  • Exercise 2

This exercise tones the buttocks, the hip (also corrects its rotation) and reduces the volume of the thighs. In addition, it stimulates the muscles of the upper part of the hips and the sides.

  1. Stand face down, interlace the feet at the ankles and open the knees well.
  2. Take off the thighs, the legs of the floor and separate the knees.
  3. Repeat three times.
  • Exercise 3

This exercise helps to work the curve of the waist.

  1. Sit on the bed and place your hands on both sides of the hip.
  2. Elevate one side of the hip without lifting the shoulders. If you lift a leg at the same time it is easier. Do it with one leg and then with the other. Hold the posture for three seconds.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

The key to burning more by doing less

In this sense, the key to the Sakuma method is that when you keep your torso balanced and increase the number of muscles you use in everyday life, you also increase your intake while you sleep, so you’ll burn all possible calories during the 24 hours.

In fact, it is essential to have breakfast in the first half hour as soon as you get up, to carry out this method correctly, according to one of its precepts. Each gesture of the method triggers energy consumption without strenuous exercises. “And it is that basal metabolism accounts for 70% of total daily energy consumption, and 40% of that energy is consumed through muscles,” he explains.

For Kasuma, the example of top models is key: they work posturology steadily, they are always stretched, stylizing their figure, higher not only in appearance, but working the balance of back, torso, forward hip. Activating the torso muscles tightly thins.

And to you, what do you think of this method? Tell us!

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