Grains on the tongue, how to remove them?

Grains on the tongue, how to remove them?

Having pimples on the tongue can be shocking and disturbing for the person who suffers it. However, it is a relatively common situation. These are small lumps, red or white, on the surface of the tongue. Although they are not malignant, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

This condition It is called transient lingual papillitis. Formerly, it was believed that the pimples on the tongue appeared to tell lies. In fact, the grains emerge quickly, but they also tend to resolve within a few days without treatment.

In this article we explain what the grains consist of in the language and how to remove them.

What are the grains in the tongue?

As we have already mentioned, they are small red or white protuberances. Normally, they disappear after a few days, but most of them are painful. In fact, they can cause stinging and tingling. The pimples on the tongue can have numerous causes:

  • By irritation of the tongue. This can happen when you take very acidic or sugary foods.
  • Injuries in the tongue, as small cuts or bites.
  • Oral herpes The herpes virus It affects a large part of the population. Sometimes, it develops orally, and may affect the language. The grains in the tongue can stay more than a week in these cases.
  • For ulcers or allergic reactions to certain foods.
  • Deficiency of certain vitamins or the use of aggressive mouthwashes.
  • Fungal infections, like oral candidiasis.

All of these are benign causes, which tend to be self-defeating. But nevertheless, There are other causes that can be more seriouss. For example, beads on the tongue may be due to syphilis. In this case, a small, painless sore appears.

Other causes are squamous papilloma, scarlet fever, bacterial pharyngitis, etcetera. It is important to know that it can also be cancer, although it is a less frequent situation. Therefore, the ideal is to go to the doctor to make the correct diagnosis.

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What can we do about the grains in the language?

The treatment will depend on what the cause is. However, most cases are due to aggression or irritation of the tongue and tend to disappear in ten days without the need for treatment.

Even so, There are a series of simple measures that can help us avoid or reduce them. Among them are:

  • Avoid spicy and acidic foods. They are aggressive for the tongue and, if you have pimples at that time, it will increase the stinging and pain.
  • Perform rinses with warm and salty water. Salt water is often used as a remedy to cure canker sores. They are small injuries that tend to appear in situations of low defenses.
  • You can also use water with baking soda. Do it on a regular and daily basis.
  • On the contrary, it is recommended avoid mouth rinses with alcohol. At least, you should try not to use them while you have pimples on your tongue.
  • It is very important to take care of oral hygiene. Do not forget to brush your teeth correctly, at least twice a day, and floss. Also, use proper rinses and avoid foods rich in sugar.
  • Give up smoking, since tobacco is very aggressive with the entire oral cavity. In fact, smoking is related to tongue cancer.

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When should you see the doctor?

If you have pimples on your tongue and do not disappear after a week, or if they are persistent and painful, Ideally, you go to the doctor or dentist. It could be a more resistant infection or a more complicated pathology.Grains on the tongue, how to remove them?

The doctor can surely reach the diagnosis through a visual examination. Still, they probably do a blood test. Another test that can help the diagnosis is biopsy. It is only done in cases in which the diagnosis is more complicated or in those that suspect a more serious pathology.

In conclusion

If you have pimples on the tongue, surely it is a transient and benign situation. Try to avoid spicy foods and take care of the hygiene of your mouth. If they do not disappear after a few days, or they look strange, you should go to your doctor.

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