Nbelyax Coronavirus could be controlled

Nbelyax Coronavirus could be controlled

The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19, the coronavirus, as a pandemic because it has infected thousands of people and is present on all continents of the world. In countries like China and Italy, the impact has been felt by all the inhabitants, since a large part of their activities have been paralyzed.

An accurate and urgent prompt solution to this situation that occupies all the people in the world. This is how the gaze is directed to a patent existing in Mexico since 2016, which is called “Nbelyax”.

What is Nbelyax?

It is a nano biomolecule that has the ability to attack and destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, spores and other types of pathogens. This molecule can eliminate, in a completely efficient way, the presence of pathogens on any type of surface. Furthermore, it not only destroys pathogens present, but protects the area for up to three days.

This technology was developed 10 years ago by a Mexican biochemical engineer who was trying to find a solution to the disease suffered by one of her children. Gabriela León and her brother Sergio have created a complete line of disinfectants, sterilizers and antiseptics from this biomolecule.

Until now, the line with this molecule has been used to stop the spread of Ebola and influenza; but it is ideal to combat all kinds of pathogens.Nbelyax Coronavirus could be controlled

How can Nbelyax help curb Coronavirus?

Although the investigation of the León brothers did not start, nor was it developed with this virus in mind; it does seem to be the best alternative to combat it. Although it is slated to emerge, waiting for a vaccine right now doesn’t seem very realistic. Thus, the Nbelyax appears to be a concrete answer, concise and immediate.

COVID-19 is a virus that is sensitive to Nbelyax, which is capable of eliminating any pathogen. This nano biomolecule penetrates the pathogen, in this case the coronavirus, and totally destroys your DNA. In addition, it protects from future contamination during the next 72 hours.

This molecule only acts on pathogens. Nbelyax does not have any kind of negative effect on the human body, nor is it corrosive, it does not generate resistance; it is also biodegradable.

It has already been corroborated that this molecule acts very efficiently against the coronavirus. That is why an initiative has already been taken for its use in disinfectants in the nation most affected by the spread of the virus: China; and, thus, to have controlled this virus.

Although this nano biomolecule does not represent a cure, it is not a medicine; so it does not enter the human body to fight the virus. It seems to be the best option to avoid more contagion

Nbelyax has proven to be an excellent offensive weapon against this pandemic. By halting their advance, scientists will soon be able to focus on finding a definitive cure and also a vaccine. Now has to be the time when humanity joins together to achieve public health.

Molecule created by Mexicans to contain covid-19

Just over two decades ago, Gabriela León, together with her brother Sergio, founded Gresmex to make antibacterial products, but when her son became ill in 2008 with rotavirus, they saw the need to develop a molecule that could be useful against pathogenic microorganisms, that was effective and safe for people and the environment. With the help of nanotechnology specialists they developed the nanobiomolecule Nbelyax in 2011 made from citrus extracts, capable of inactivating viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and mycobacteria: “deactivates its genetic material, so it is essential in the fight against pandemics, such as the one we are living by coronavirus (covid-19)”, explains Gabriela León, biochemical engineer and director of Gresmex.

It adds that acting within microorganisms does not matter whether the virus or bacteria mutates, the nanobiomolecule will continue to eliminate them. In addition, it is biodegradable and bioselective, that is, it only attacks pathogenic cells leaving healthy ones intact. To show its effectiveness they worked with experts in pathogenic microorganisms, universities of the country, national and international laboratories, in addition to testing it in hospitals such as INER (National Institute of Respiratory Diseases): “more than 300 tests were carried out that confirmed its safety and efficacy”.

With the Nbelyax nanobiomolecule patented in 104 countries- they created a portfolio of products under the branded aviter: creams and soaps (skin antiseptics), surface disinfectants, sterilizers for medical equipment, oral products and a vaginal lubricating gel, among others. To contain the progression of covid-19, “the only safe tool to prevent contagion is prevention, through the hygiene of places that could contain the virus, since depending on the material it can remain active for hours or even days”, recalls biochemistry.

Against covid-19 The Director details that in the fight to contain covid-19 they are sending finished product to various countries, and they are also about to enter into an agreement with China to establish a laboratory in that country and massively distribute the products; peru sent the molecule to be processed and they will also be sent to a country in Europe.

In Mexico they are working with different state governments, with some federal institutions, public and private hospitals, as well as donations to the General Hospital, the Federico Gómez Children and a hospital in Oaxaca, in addition to distributing the product in shops and pharmacies. They also made an alliance with The Providence group so that the bed covers and fabrics contain the product – they can be free of microorganisms for 1 day – and are testing their effectiveness in the air conditioning, “we are working on forced marches since December 15 to contain this pandemic” and that is that is the company’s goal “knowing that we can save lives , is the main engine to keep fighting every day and also shows that Mexicans can compete with companies of the highest technological level,” says León.

Against Ebola In 2015 when Ebola virus disease (EVD) spread across Africa, Gabriela León contacted Michael L. Ducker, president and CEO of FedEx Freight, to send its products and support the fight against that epidemic: within 5 and a half tons of éviter arrived in Liberia, helping to stop the pandemic , as recognized by the Ministry of Health of that country, through a letter sent to the director of Grenmex.

This result, “was for us a professional and personal partaguas, of responsibility and a very positive impact on our actions, because if we could help to contain this pandemic we could help prevent contagion in the hospitals of our country”.

In 2016, the company won the National Health Award and was also nominated by the Word Economic Forum as Pioneering Technology and is listed by the United Nations (UN) among the 100 companies that can save humanity.

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