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The truth is that many people have grown up consuming large sizes of portions of food and several consider it to be normal, but this is not right. Weight loss is not about changing what we consume, but rather the amounts we eat. Here you will find some strategies to eat the right amount of food, even when faced with foods that are considered “taboo” on a diet, for example, mashed potatoes.

Before you begin, it should be made clear that there is a difference between the recommended portion and the serving portion, the first one is the one eaten in a restaurant and the second is the size corresponding to a nutrition label measurement.

Portion Control Plates At Kmart
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Why are portions of food measured? 
The first reason we need to know how to measure the portions of food is simply because we have to identify the amount of food we are consuming. Without an estimate of the amounts we consume every day we cannot establish a new food plan.

The problem of overweight also depends on our habits and genes; Our genes determine how we convert calories into energy and how it is stored as fat. On the other hand, our behavior: The amount of food we consume and daily activity determines if we gain weight.

Should we also count the calories we consume? Of course, daily we use calories to develop certain activities such as: breathing, digesting and in general to make any movement.

So if we consume more calories than we need to develop all our daily activities; Extra calories will start to accumulate as fat and thus gain weight. So you need to learn how to measure the portions of food so you don’t gain weight and nourish yourself properly.

Portion Control Plates At Kmart
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How to measure the portions of food: tips for achieving it without problems

When we barely have time to eat, maybe the last thing we want to do is to measure the portions; However, the more times we measure our portions, the more we will be accustomed and eventually we will not need to serve our portions accurately.

While we talk about the importance of counting calorie intake, do not base your measurement only on that; For you must learn to eat the correct quantities of each food group; Not just to be in your weight, but to give our organism the nutrients it needs.

Measuring the portions of food can be difficult, however here we give you some useful tips to achieve it:

  1. Accurately measures 
    For food and beverages we recommend using measuring tools such as cups or measuring spoons, as well as scales in some cases. This will allow you to always choose the same amounts and get used to the size of the portions.
  2. Learn to estimate the sizes of your plate 
    If you do not have measurement tools or you prefer to estimate the portions, you can compare the size of your portions with everyday objects; For example: the equivalent portion of a cup is the size of a tennis ball. If you’re going to consume 1 serving of rice, try to imagine the size of this little ball.
  3. Use dishes to help you control the portions 
    Surely you have heard that a powerful reason why we eat more than we need is due to the size of our dishes; And even if you don’t believe it, this is a trick that has been effective to many people. Although it is a theory that is not 100% verified, because the results of different investigations are divided; Eating on small plates can help you eat less because your brain relates the full plate with a lot of food.In the same way it will help you to eat less that you do not leave the pots with the food on the table; If you do, it can be a lot easier for you than you consummate double portion.
  4. Prepare your portions beforehand 
    Before preparing the portions of some of your favorite foods such as cereals or pasta; It will help you measure your portions at the time a craving arises. It is easy to eat more when we are hungry and respond to our whims; That’s why preparing your portions in advance will help you not to overdo it.
  5. You also need to measure your portions when you eat out of the house :
    A common way in which we usually eat more is when we do it out of the house, as we tend to adapt to the portions that we offer in restaurants. So one way to keep measuring your portions is to share the dishes with a friend; Or try to consume only the portions you need.
  6. Eat more Vegetables
    One way to meet the portions you need and also help you feel more satisfied is eating more vegetables.This you can do quite simply: eat a cup of consome or vegetable soup with low caloric value, add more vegetables to your stews and strong dishes; In the same way you can add vegetables to your sandwiches to feel more satisfied with low calories.
  7. Learn to eat when you are hungry
    Without a doubt, the best way to not overdo the food is to eat when we are truly hungry; Just like stopping us when we’re satisfied, not until we finish the saucer. We recommend you stop eating when you think you are 80% satisfied; Because our stomach takes to send our brains the sense of satisfaction.

How to control the portions of your plates

  • Make a fist
    When only 1 cup portions are recommended, the easiest way to know the right size is to use your fist as a guide to approximate the size of a cup.
  • Maintain a single serving
    You don’t have to totally ban something you like, such as some candy. What you need to do is keep only one serving and not repeat it. Perhaps it is difficult, but not impossible, fries, among other weaknesses, can be in your diet, as long as you know how to keep a portion and do not consummate more than necessary.
  • Create your own snack packs
    If you are trying to lose weight, investing in small bags and dividing individual portions of snacks is needed. You can buy in bulk and this way you will save money. It has been shown that we eat more when we are presented snacks in large portions.
  • Baking for one person
    There is nothing better than baking at home and sharing with family, however you should be careful. When you go to prepare something delicious make sure it is in individual portions. This will ensure that you don’t overdo it when you eat, when you bake something familiar.
  • Change the spoons
    Choose smaller spoons, especially when you eat a calorie-rich snack like ice cream. There is research that shows that we eat less if we use a teaspoon instead of a soup spoon.
  • Choose smaller plates
    Some people enjoy their meals on large plates; However this will not help you lose weight. As with the spoons, if you want to control the portions of your dishes always choose the small ones, and remember: only one serving.
  • Prohibit certain foods if necessary
    Why do diets fail? For some people, only reducing the amount of portions is almost impossible, in these cases abstinence is suggested. If you go to the market and you are sure that you will not be able to with just one piece of halal better do not put it in your shopping cart. Once you have your cravings under control, you may be able to carefully add small amounts of these in your diet.

These tips are just suggestions, but it is recommended that every time you have, cravings you ask yourself something as simple as am I really hungry? Many people overlook this question, and it is very important to know what we really need.

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