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The management of talent or human capital is an integrated set of processes of the organization, designed to attract, manage, develop, motivate and retain collaborators. In other words, this practice is based on obtaining better business results with the collaboration of each one of the employees in order to achieve the execution of the strategy achieving a balance between the professional development of the collaborators, the human approach and the achievement of organizational goals.

Cintas has built its company and culture around the concepts of positivity, respect, motivation and caring for our customers and our employee-partners. Our employee-partners are the key to the success of our company. We invest in their career development, offer competitive pay and affordable health and welfare benefits.

Talent Management System Cintas
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The advantages of managing human talent, cintas tms

The benefits of fully developing a human talent management strategy are, among others, the following:

Proper hiring

The productivity, competitiveness and reputation of an organization lie in the quality and skill of its workforce. For this reason, when implementing a robust project of human talent management, which includes integral aspects such as the precise evaluation of the capacities of the applicants, it will be possible to select the right person for each vacancy available.

The way to have the best human talent in the service of the company is having the best in charge of the management of the HR department, for this reason the selection of those managers and the design of the management program sets the standard for the whole process to be successful.

Retention of the best tms cintas

The loss of human talent remains one of the main problems of the organizations, the business dynamics and the quantity of possibilities and offers available in the market are a temptation for the employees who always go to the place that offers them the best conditions and the greater work stability possible. Talent management will allow us to retain the best collaborators providing the best working climate, which also will strengthen the leadership and competitiveness of the company, not to do so is going to be at a disadvantage with respect to competitors.

The challenge is to consolidate an effective line of recruitment, training, retention and commitment to quality in order to be able to count ultimately the best of human talent in the market.

Understanding the template

Effective talent management will enable us to provide a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the performance of collaborators, their behaviour, their perception of the working environment and their capacities, strengths and weaknesses.

In this way, it will be much easier to identify and understand the doubts, disadvantages and qualities of the employees, as well as being able to design the appropriate strategies to solve these situations and motivate each employee according to their needs. This is achieved by increasing the satisfaction of the workforce and thus the overall productivity of the company.

The precise charge for each talent

By identifying the particular competencies of each collaborator, we will be able to have a real balance of the skills available globally in the organization.

This is one of the most effective tools to increase productivity, as it allows you to know if the employee occupies the position he or she is best able to perform, or if on the contrary, is fulfilling the functions that are not of his competence.

This way you can reorganize the workforce as productively as possible, while increasing employee satisfaction by occupying the right positions where they can better exploit their skills.

  1. Internal recruitment: It occurs when having determined the position, the company tries to llanearlo through candidates of its own company, it has as advantage that it is more economical, fast, has higher rates of validity and security as the candidate is already known, is a source of motivation for other employees who visualize possibilities of promotion, within their disadvantages is that requires that new employees have potential development to be promoted.
  2. External recruitment : It is the personnel that we select to enter the organization that is outside of it, can be selected by consultation of files (curriculum), presentation of candidates by officials of the company, among others. They have as advantages that take advantage of the investments of other companies, in their disadvantages we have more time of recruitment and investment, affectation of both the salt policy and the personnel.

Career planning.

  • As for how to plan our career, it is important that we visualize what goals we want to achieve in the future, when we draw a goal that makes it easier for us to focus and make decisions on what we really want to do in our lives, we must be clear that we want to work. It is worth noting that a career goal can help you discover what talents, abilities and abilities we have and thus know our strengths and weaknesses.

The compensation system

“Compensation (salaries, salaries, benefits) is the reward that employees receive in exchange for their work.” “The administration of the Staff Department guarantees the satisfaction of the employees, which in turn helps the organization to obtain, maintain and retain a productive workforce.” If our staff is dissatisfied this will affect the productivity of the organization and will produce a deterioration in the quality of the working environment.

Hygiene and industrial safety.

The objective of industrial safety and hygiene is to prevent occupational accidents, therefore, any production must contemplate safety and hygiene measures to make it a good production.

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