6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problems

6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problems
Identifying if you have thyroid problems is not an easy task, since we can talk about two different types: hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The thyroid is a gland that aims to normalize a person’s metabolism. In general, it participates in many functions of the body by releasing hormones that regulate heart rate, appetite and the speed of digestion of food.Therefore, thyroid problems can cause alterations in the health status of the individual. Conditions in the thyroid they occur with higher incidence in women than in men, and in many cases from adulthood. Some signs may indicate possible alterations of this organ. However, in case of doubt you should consult with your doctor to perform the relevant tests.

How to know if you have thyroid problems

1. Sudden increase or loss of weight

The thyroid allows to control the speed with which the metabolism develops. That is to say, the way in which the body works to obtain energy from the food we consume. This it does through the segregation of hormones.

To identify if you have thyroid problems, if you suffer from hypothyroidism, The weight gain is considerable since it is not producing enough hormones for normal functioning. Otherwise it happens with hyperthyroidism, where there is a sudden decrease of weight due to excessive production of hormones.

2. Sensation of tiredness and mood swings

Sudden fatigue is a sign to identify if you have thyroid problems.

Thyroid problems can impair moods, as well as affect your energy levels. In cases of hypothyroidism, the fatigue it is more perceptible, because it makes the person feel very much like sleeping. Even if you have already slept as necessary you may feel depressed. 6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problemsIn contrast, when hyperthyroidism occurs, affected people suffer from irritability. They are prone to feeling mostly stressed and have trouble falling asleep.

3. Swelling in the neck area

One of the most obvious symptoms to identify if you have thyroid problems is inflammation in the neck area. It’s because The thyroid gland increases its size, causing also discomfort in the throat, pain or even dysphonia. Faced with this symptom, special attention must be paid because it may mean the presence of some type of risk pathology.6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problems

4. Alterations in the heart rate

The heart rate is altered in hypo and hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid, in addition to regulating the speed with which calories are burned in our body, also controls the heartbeat. Thyroid problems in addition to harming various organs of the body, will make the heart perceive more.6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problems

Depending on the type of condition, whether hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, the heartbeat will tend to vary. In this case, a case of tachycardia could occur or the beats slower than normal.

5. Constipation

6 signs to identify if you have thyroid problemsIn cases of hiportiroidismo, where the hormonal secretion is low, the functions of the organs of the body tend to be slower. An example of this is the dysfunction of the digestive system. The digestion process will be affected, causing inconveniences when evacuating and the little absorption of nutrients from food.

6. Discomfort in other parts of the body

Patients with hypothyroidism suffer less hydration of the skin.

Other more visible symptoms in people suffering from a thyroid condition are: the appearance of drier and more scaly skin, brittle and cracked nails, and sudden hair loss.

Some less visible symptoms of thyroid problems are: menstrual disorders in women, excessive cold sensation in different parts of the body, pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints.


The above symptoms may show thyroid problems. But nevertheless, It is always advisable to assist the doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the possible problem. Remember not to base yourself only on a simple self-diagnosis that can cause you to be distressed. Similarly, for these cases of thyroid problems always ends following a medical treatment.

It is advisable, especially in women, to have a hormonal check-up and to examine the thyroid every 4 years with the doctor., in order to have an early diagnosis of any possible irregularity. In the case of women who decide to become pregnant, it is essential to have a medical analysis, as a problem in the thyroid can cause infertility and problems to conceive.

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