Ups Freight Rtr Program

Ups Freight Rtr Program

UPS Freight, ups freight rtr program a division of UPS , is a long-time client who was looking to revamp their existing driver safety program. While the program continued to show positive results, UPS had aspirations of revamping the program to allow additional drivers from their partner organizations to participate.

In addition, UPS was interested in integrating a new self-directed training component to the program that would reward drivers for activity and allow UPS management to track results. Doing so meant a re-launch with a new technology platform and a new communications theme.

Incentive Services and UPS Freight have worked together since 1996 on the Road to Rewards
(RTR) Safety Incentive program. The program has evolved with our changing business
environment and initiatives, and has truly developed into a performance improvement vehicle,
driving our employees to improve and achieve. The results speak for themselves. Last year, the
UPS Freight DCC division experienced exemplary results in the following categories.

Ups Freight Rtr Program
Ups Freight Rtr Program

Starting with the program design process through implementation, we have found Incentive
Services to be very professional and flexible. They have brought forward many creative ideas
that work well for our employees. Incentive Services continues to track results from our program
and brings us new and innovative ideas to enhance our program on a regular basis.

These categories parallel the criteria in the RTR program:

  • 9% reduction in vehicular accidents
  • 30% reduction in Loss Time injuries / 38% reduction in DART injuries
  • 99% training completion / certification in their driving fleet
  • 75% reduction in safety meeting absences
  • $ 7,000,000 in cost avoidance resulting in an ROI of 23 to 1

Key Objectives:

  • Revamp program to create additional excitement and allow for additional users from UPS partners
    (125% increase in participants).
  • Develop and deploy new self-directed online training for Drivers and Managers. Add an incentive component for Managers to spur activity.
  • Re-communicate the program to add excitement and launch the program for newly-added participants.
  • Continue basic structure of the existing program, which is targeted at decreasing preventable accidents, OSHA recordable injuries, damage to UPS equipment, and violations while increasing overall safety awareness.

Incentive Services’ Solution Program Design:

The Incentive Services team met key leadership figures within UPS Freight as well as members of the UPS Health & Safety division to first understand their objectives. I.S. then proposed a refined program complete with a new technology platform, new communications theme, custom training content, and re-designed program rules to UPS for approval.

The program premise from the previous program remained in place; Drivers would be awarded quarterly safety points provided they did not have any preventable vehicular accidents, OSHA recordable injuries, or violations. In addition, Drivers could not commit any damage to UPS equipment (trucks, trailers, etc.) and must attend required quarterly safety meetings. If Drivers met this criteria, they would earn a quarterly payout of 20,000 at minimum (up to 60,000 per quarter) based on the number of consecutive quarters they have been safe.

In addition to the existing rules, I.S. proposed the development of a self-directed training component on the new program website that would allow drivers to login and complete monthly training modules. Drivers would be required to successfully pass a quiz following each training module; by doing so, each driver would have training points instantly deposited into their account. Also, Managers earn a point payout based on the completion percentage of their driver group.

I.S. also proposed implementing a quarterly sweepstakes that would award drivers who met both the quarterly safety criteria as well as completed the 3 training modules available each quarter.

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