What is the Sakuma method?


Kenichi Sakuma creator of the method which bears his name “the Sakuma method” but which is exactly. It consists of stimulating the whole body with exercise routines that involve muscle stretching with an estimated time of 5 minutes a day with defined routines and the correct balanced feeding Kenichi affirms that in just two weeks you can see the results.

Sakuma ensures that with his method it is possible to lose localized fat because it focuses on toning the body and accelerating metabolism with exercises in the main joints of the body that involve shoulder knees pelvis ankles and neck and especially the spine that we should keep it as straight as possible when doing the exercises.

What are the exercises of the Sakuma method?

  • Torso work and thighs
  • Buttocks work
  • Deep musculature
  • Contraction
  • Squares variant

1 exercises to reduce lower body volume

Sakuma Method to reduce lower body

2 exercises tones the hips reduces volume and cellulite

tones the hips reduces volume

3 exercises Styling the waist and helping to place the omoplates

Sakuma Method burn fat that accumulates in the area

4 exercises toning the torso and working the abdomen.

Sakuma Method Toning the torso and working the abdomen

5 exercises increase daily energy consumption and balance the body

Increase daily energy consumption and balance the body
These exercises are designed to stimulate muscles that have very little use such as back muscles. Buttock work helps tone the hips and reduce orange skin (cellulite). The combination of the exercises helps tone the whole body thus stimulating the burning of calories in each exercise.

Diet of the Sakuma method Combining exercise routine and a healthy diet. the sakuma method proposes eating high-value proteins in the diet. but what are the fundamental points:

  1. Breakfast is essential to help us maintain energy for exercise routines.
  2. Consume proteins from eggs, meats, fish reduce processed carbohydrates and sugars.
  3. Breakfast before 30 minutes that we have got up so that our body does not use the reserves that are in the muscles.
  4. Eat three times a day and do not miss the correct hydration.

Sakuma method abdomen

Part of the routine exercises for the abdomen in the sakuma method is to strengthen and exercise the entire abdomen with just a 5-minute exercise. The muscles exercised are abdominal rectum, abdominal transverse, internal oblique, external oblique and the lateral trunk and spine. It is important to maintain tension on the abdomen during 5 minutes of exercise.

Method sakuma testimonials

During the first week thanks to the exercises that work the lower body train I could notice that the lumbar and neck pains are drastically reduced, I consider that this worked as rehabilitation of the muscles and the skeletal system of the whole body.

The exercises are easy to perform as they are only 5 routines that could be simplified as stretches that do not involve any cardio. as a result I have noticed that I improve my body posture, by stimulating my body with stretches followed by a healthy diet I achieve muscle strengthening.

Summary Sakuma Method Book

The book in summary does not have a deep physiological technical explanation rather focuses on having a good posture and that with only 5 exercise routines followed by a healthy diet you can lose weight moderately, do not expect to lose much weight with this sakuma method, it is designed for people who want to contour and stylize a body that only needs to lose little weight.

In short, simple exercises followed by a healthy diet will help improve our body appearance and silhouette.

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