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Tips to protect your skin

  1. Night cleaning: Even if the person does not make-up, the face should be cleaned every night. This is in order to remove the debris from dirt, sweat and contamination that is gathered in the day.
  2. Using moisturizer: moisturizers should be used daily on the face, hands and body. It is recommended to apply cream after washing your hands if you use the soap in your workplace, as they generally tend to be stronger.
  3. Use of complementary products: if you work in areas of high pollution, it is suggested to introduce vitamins and antioxidants within the routine of creams and sera.
  4. Eating healthy: Food should be taken care of, thinking about eating foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Also, you should drink plenty of water. In general, you should consume all that is needed to maintain a proper metabolism in the body.
  5. Sun protection: The use of sunscreen is essential, since there is more traffic, the times of transfers are greater. In the event that the person is moving in a particular vehicle, the same must be used, because in the same way a degree of ultraviolet radiation is received.

The specialist emphasizes that the use of creams varies depending on the type of skin of the person, so it is important to consult a specialist to ask for more guidance about it.

Clean face, healthy face In this context facial cleansing has a leading role as it eliminates dirt and make-up, allowing the skin to breathe and stay healthy and radiant. There are several ways to perform this daily facial cleansing routine, which include simple washing with soap and water, exfoliation and deep-acting treatments, which also favor cellular renewal, blood circulation of the face and nourish the epidermis.

Faced with such needs, the cosmetic industry has developed a whole range of cleansing products for all types of skin, which provide extra benefits because they help retain moisture, increase tissue elasticity and delay premature ageing. They can be found in multiple presentations, for example, Dermolimpiadora bar, cream, gel, solution and foam.

After a hard day’s work in the last thing you think about is cleaning the face, so it is common to go to bed with the dirty face, because it is believed that nothing will happen. With the passage of time the consequences are paid, since the cutis looks opaque and with imperfections, which also can lead to infections because various elements are accumulating in the skin, for example:

  • Make-up residues.
  • Sweat.
  • Powder.
  • Environmental pollutants.
  • Natural oils.
  • Dead cells.

Although the next day he washes his face during the bath is not enough, because during the night he did not breathe properly or rested; For this reason, it is necessary to shake the laziness and wash its face twice a day. In addition, 1 or 2 times a week it is advisable to apply intensive treatments in the form of masks.

Constantly our skin regenerates, process that is completed in 28 days and during which some old cells are eliminated in a natural way, but others are deposited on the epidermis. If these are not removed from the skin the products that apply on it can not be totally absorbed, and make it look opaque and sloppy.

Therefore, it is important to resort to exfoliating creams, which are applied by gentle massage on the slightly moist face, which allows to eliminate dead cells and other impurities, in addition to detoxifies and revitalizes the skin, tissue that immediately looks transparent and becomes smooth.

The effectiveness of a exfoliant does not depend on the strength with which it is rubbed but on the regularity with which it is applied; Also, we must remember that its benefits are lost if it is used every several months and massage is given to redden the skin. It is advisable to practice this method at least once a week, otherwise the epidermis is injured and loses elasticity.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that toning represents an important step in terms of cleanliness, since the products that are used for this purpose (tonics and astringents) contain antiseptic substances, vegetal extracts and essential oils that prevent infections, they decrease the size of the pores and moisturize the skin. Always use this process after applying masks and practicing vaporization and exfoliation.

It is also necessary to emphasize that at the end of each of the processes described above you must moisturize your skin, as it will remain soft and protected against environmental aggression and premature ageing.

It is worth dedicating a little time to the care of the face, because being one of our letters of presentation in the eyes of others, can reflect health or disease, as well as neatness or carelessness.

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