Paula Echevarria Salad burns calories

Paula Echevarria Salad burns calories

The actress has shared a salad recipe that has a very special ingredient that helps burn calories. Paula Echevarria has the perfect healthy recipe for dinner time. The actress is taking the start of the course very seriously, without missing the gym and combining training with a healthy diet. Since 7 September, when Paula Echevarría returned to the hands of coach Iñaky García, she has not missed a session with him, even though it is a Saturday and some are even accompanied by her partner, Miguel Torres.

Constancy is the key to acquire a new habit – 21 days in a row are needed to achieve it – and Paula is fulfilling it to the letter. Also, as she is sharing in Instagram her perseverance and effort for many is becoming a source of motivation. We know the actress’s favorite gym machine and now we know the recipe that Paula Echevarria burns calories with at dinnertime.

After her last workout, the actress shared with her fans the home-cooked dinner she prepared to regain strength and, above all, continue to burn calories. We’re going to copy Paula Echevarría’s healthy dinner because besides looking great it’s super easy to prepare, perfect in case your strength falters when you get home from the gym.

  1. Tuna: always eat it natural or canned with extra virgin olive oil. It is a super healthy protein food and highly recommended in diets because it is very satiating. It is also a simple and comfortable way of eating fish.
  2. Red peppers: these are very interesting for a healthy diet because of their high content in vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants, as well as their digestive power. The best thing is to cook them roasted.
  3. Hot peppers: this is the most special ingredient in the recipe. It is a kind of chilli pepper that gives a spicy touch, which not only gives character to the dish (and delights those who like spicy food), but also makes you lose weight. Why? When we eat spicy foods like piparras our body temperature rises and our body burns calories as a result. In addition, it has a great satiating power.

At 42, Paula Echevarría still boasts a healthy lifestyle. She rides her bike and does exercises that help tone her muscles and burn fat at the same time, but what most characterizes her is that taking care of herself does not stop her from enjoying the good times. Her key is sport and taking care of her diet, but she also indulges in whims at the weekend. The last example? This very Sunday. The actress was sharing with her fans an afternoon at the cinema with her coach, holding a huge bucket of popcorn, while Iñaky García was ‘alarmed’ by the feast that her friend was having.

Do you know what celebrities’ favorite diets are?

When you see celebrities walking down a red carpet, it’s almost impossible not to wonder how they manage to maintain a defined figure and look spectacular at almost any moment. And what is their secret? Their diet.

For celebrities, eating a controlled diet and exercising are two of the things that are part of their daily routine. Because of their work and their exposure to the public, their bodies are always subject to an enormous amount of criticism and commentary. Therefore, it is common to see celebrities doing all kinds of diets to achieve perfect bodies, although many of them are difficult to follow by the rest of the mortals or are simply not recommended because of their extremism.

Some celebrities follow healthy diets, like the Spanish Paula Echevarria (who claims to follow a basic Mediterranean diet), like the model Gigi Hadid, (who eats everything but has forbidden the very harmful sweets) or like the actress Drew Barrymore (who is simply vegan), but other diets are, at least, controversial and not recommended: Megan Fox doesn’t eat dairy products of any kind, Beyoncé even ate maple syrup after her first pregnancy, Lady Gaga substitutes baby food for main meals, Madonna follows an extreme macrobiotic diet that only includes fruits and vegetables.

These are the food trends of celebrity and fad diets, with all their pros and cons.

Miranda Kerr’s Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesThe Victoria’s Secret model gets plenty of exercise and consumes healthy products such as spinach, avocado and broccoli on a daily basis and is addicted to little-known foods such as coconut oil. According to Miranda, taking four spoonfuls of this oil a day is her key, whether it’s in salads, for cooking or in a cup of green tea. Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant, contains no fat and can be consumed hot or cold.

The model also claims that she is on a diet adjusted to her blood type, performed by a medical specialist. Although the blood type diet has become popular, many critics believe that there is no scientific evidence that this type of diet is healthier than others.

The Paula Echevarria Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesThe actress doesn’t have to make big sacrifices, since she doesn’t like sweets or alcohol. Paula Echevarría eats a varied diet, including meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. She assures that with the Mediterranean diet is enough and that if she overdoes it with the food sometime, she trains hard three times a week to compensate the excesses.

The diet of Gigi Hadid

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesGigi Hadid’s diet consists of protein-rich foods, which aid in weight loss. The key is to consume 3 to 4 servings of protein a day and accompany them with high fiber foods. The model doesn’t give up hamburgers or hot dogs, but she doesn’t eat any sweet foods. She completes her diet by doing a lot of intense sport: volleyball, swimming, horse riding, boxing.

Megan Fox’s Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesMegan Fox recovered her figure very quickly after giving birth to her first child in September 2012. The actress claims that she did not follow any specific diet, and simply eliminated the intake of dairy products, as they are not good for the hormones. The appropriateness of dairy products in the daily diet is a highly questioned issue. Stopping drinking them can ease digestion and produce a state of well-being, but it also means giving up many essential nutrients such as calcium.

Jennifer Lopez Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesJennifer Lopez’s coach recently revealed how the singer feeds herself. She follows a diet rich in vegetables and low in processed foods. She doesn’t drink coffee or alcohol and everything she eats is organic and fresh. There are no processed foods in her diet except for the powdered proteins she uses to make a daily shake. Your meals usually consist of a serving of whole grains (such as quinoa or brown rice) and lean proteins.

Madonna’s Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesAt 58, Madonna continues to look spectacular thanks to the macrobiotic diet. This diet means that the singer makes sure to eat only natural foods and avoid meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. Madonna only eats fruit, vegetables, cereals, seeds and algae. And she drinks filtered water.

Opinions are divided on the appropriateness of this diet. Some people claim that it allows you to live longer, prevents diseases such as cancer and allows you to achieve your ideal weight, while others say that this diet produces deficiencies in protein, iron, calcium and vitamins. We think that it is not a very recommendable diet and besides, it is extremely difficult to follow.

Beyoncé’s Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesYears ago, Beyoncé followed a dangerous diet known as the maple syrup diet. All she consumed was a drink made from maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water six to nine times a day. As a result, she lost 9 kg in 15 days for her role in the movie “Dream Girls”. We do not recommend this diet at all!

Currently the singer is on a vegan diet and has eliminated any animal foods from her diet. She eats fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and some spices. This diet is not harmful to the body, but it must be very controlled so that the body does not lack nutrients.

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet

Paula Echevarria Salad burns caloriesJennifer Aniston is a local diet advocate. This diet does not restrict the consumption of any food, it only orders in proportions that are consumed. The diet consists of consuming 5 meals and balancing 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and another 30% fat. This is a healthy diet, although it can be somewhat difficult to accurately measure the percentage of food.

The Penelope Cruz Diet

The Spanish actress resorted to the famous Dukan diet after gaining 15 kilos in her first pregnancy. This diet has four phases, and the last one must be maintained for life to avoid getting fat again. In other words, the great danger of this diet is its rebound effect. Penélope Cruz opted for the lighter version of the French nutritionist’s diet, although many nutritionists oppose it.

The Kim Kardashian diet

When you want to lose weight, the American star follows a keto or ketogenic diet rich in protein to pull the body’s own fat reserves. In other words, it stops consuming carbohydrates and only takes in protein, so that the body loses weight by burning fat and not glucose. It is a very effective diet, but if prolonged over a long period of time it can be harmful, as by using fat reserves as an energy source, the body releases toxic substances (ketone bodies).

The Victoria Beckham Diet

Victoria Beckham follows an alkaline diet that keeps the body’s pH at bay. To do this, she eliminates non-acidifying products from her diet (meat, dairy products, alcohol…) and replaces them with other alkaline products such as whole grains and vegetables, tubers, seaweed and spices.

Naomi Campbell’s Diet

Models such as Naomi Campbell or Adriana Lima are followers of liquid diets: when they need to lose weight for a show, they stop eating and only drink liquids for a certain period of time. The juice diet like the one Campbell followed usually consists of drinking only freshly squeezed fruit juices. These are effective but not recommended diets, as used over a long period of time, they can cause digestive hypofunctionality (insufficient activity) and gas. They also do not end hunger.

The diet of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie follows the “ancient grain” diet, where seeds, grains and nuts abound; foods that have been consumed for millennia. The actress eats a lot of wheat, chia seeds, millet, quinoa, sorghum, spelt and foods rich in carbohydrates and with healthy properties. Much has been said about the actress’s eating problems and her sudden weight loss, which has raised the alarm about the dangers of her diet.

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