Routine to say goodbye to cellulite

Routine to say goodbye to cellulite

One day appears. Do not touch the door, simply install and begin to take over your legs. When you realize it’s already late, the cellulite is already settled and has no plans to leave. Right there the battle begins, hundreds and thousands of women fight against you, drink 3 liters of water a day, (your friend, your cousin’s friend, your partner’s aunt, etc.

recommend it to you), say goodbye to the bags of potatoes, the fried ones and you begin a routine of leg and gluteus that leaves you without moving for a month. That, not to mention the amount of creams and oils that you put on at any time of day. But she’s still there, fixed on you, why does not she leave?If we had the answer we would surely be multimillionaires already, the truth is that the cellulitis It is basically an overload of localized fat, caused by the increase in size of the adipocytes (these are the fat cells located in the hypodermis).

Modifications in the texture of the subcutaneous tissue, cause the appearance of cellulite nodules, called “orange peel”. Cellulite is often accompanied by rwater, fats and toxins in the interstitial space, problems of blood circulation and a disorganization of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

This alteration is more affected by women and few are those who get rid of it. While it is true that eliminating it altogether is difficult and expensive, there are certain things we can do to reduce it. And yes food and exercise is elementary, but there is more.

Cellulite on Instagram does not exist

It would seem that when it touched the cellulite distribution all the influencers were saved. Just look at his posts on Instagram to “see” that to them that of the orange skin it does not affect them However, as we have said several times, do not believe everything you see. And if you do not believe us you have to follow Corina Randazzo. With more than 254,000 followers on Instagram, this Argentine living in Spain has dared to do what many do not, to teach cellulitis of his legs.

“Magic does not exist, if there is no record there are no results,” Randazzo states in his Instagram account. And is that the influencer created a highlight in what was documenting her massage ritual and creams to try to reduce the cellulite of her legs and buttocks.

“The idea is to teach the cellulite that I have despite what I eat and the sport I do, sometimes it is part of our organism and genetics, it can be improved, but we must not go against it, it is part of you. And you must learn to live with her, “he tells the camera before beginning with the explanation of the treatment that she applies.

Randazzo advised to perform the minimum treatment 4 times a week. And dedicate at least 10 minutes to each leg.

The first thing: the products

– Suction cups: they must be made of glass

– Fat burning gel effect heat and cold effect (she uses the Mi Rebotica brand)

– Transparent kitchen paper

The treatment:

1. Apply the heat effect gel with a little body oil in the area to be treated.

2. When the area is completely covered with the gel and oil, massage with the sucker. Do not worry if you get bruises, it’s normal. But if you notice something strange or out of the ordinary, go to a specialist.

3. Apply the cold effect gel

4. Wrap the legs with the transparent paper. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Corina has worked, the influencer has shown the advances in her account.

But we warn you from now on, it is not a magic recipe it is simply a treatment to diminish it. Always consult a specialist.

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