The best infusions to comfort you

The best infusions to comfort you

-Legs in action
If you feel your tired legs try to lighten them with a infusion of red vine, hammamelis and chrysalis. Prepare an infusion by mixing 2 g of the mixture of these herbs (50 g each) for every 250 ml of boiling water. Have a cup two or three times a day outside of meals. If, in addition to having trouble walking, your pain has to do with the Bad circulation, mix 50 g of hibiscus with 50 of wild rose and 50 of blueberries. Prepare an infusion with these ingredients by pouring 5 g of the mixture for every 250 ml of boiling water and take a cup three times a day outside of meals. Ready to start your pedometer and conquer the 10.00 steps?

-A respite detox

Your goal is a flat gut and the fluid retention It is your worst enemy. In that case you need a reservation of horse tail always at home, a plant with diuretic and purifying properties (which should not be consumed by diabetics or patients taking lithium or anticoagulants). To reinforce its benefits, make an infusion with 50 g of horsetail, 30 g of a mixture of hibiscus, birch leaf, frángula bark, mint and gatuña and 25 g of mistletoe. Add a tablespoon of this mixture per glass of water, boil, let stand 10 minutes covered, strain and drink up to three cups a day maximum.

-Forget the stress

Whether for work, stress or anxiety, it is best that you always have the ingredients of this relaxing tea. You need to make 50 g of passionflower, 50 g of California poppy and 50 g of lemon balm. Pour 5 g of this herbal mixture for every 250 ml of boiling water (2 g if you are going to use it in children). Have a cup of this infusion twice a day for 15 days and nothing can alter you.

-If you passed on the table

After the Christmas excesses, you need to improve the digestions. These disorders have solution infusing 2.35 g of fenugreek seeds for every 250 ml of boiling water. Have a cup a day outside of meals. Do not use them during pregnancy, lactation or for young children.

-Don’t stay silent

The flowers Y mauve leaves they can help you to solve your sore throat. Your best ally is a mixture of 70 g of blackcurrant with 30 g of plantain minor and 50 g of mallow. Pour 12 g of herbal mixture for every 250 ml of boiling water and hydrate with it, taking a cup up to four times a day outside of meals.

-Attack insomnia

You deserve to sleep like a little angel. How? 50 g of California poppy, 50 g of White hawthorn and 50 g of hops inflorescences They will do wonders to help you fall asleep. Prepare an infusion by mixing 5 g of this herbal mixture for every 250 ml of boiling water. Have a cup after meals. You can combine this herbal tea with valerian, at the rate of 900 g of dry extract distributed in two doses (one after dinner and one before bedtime).

Infusions for digestive disorders

Infusions are an excellent remedy to treat heavy digestions,  flatulence  and mild digestive disorders. These include chamomile, green tea, star anise, pennyroyal mint, fennel, oregano, peppermint, thyme, chess, coriander, nettle or cumin.

Other infusions are excellent for treating liver problems and help to better metabolize fats such as boldo and artichoke.

Pennyroyal mint

Its main function is to optimize antispasmodic digestive functions, fights the irritable bowel and the pains of the digestive tract, eliminates gases and helps to perform heavy digestions.

It is useful in colds and coughs as an expectorant.

It has beneficial properties against amenorrhea.

It decreases high plasma glucose and iron levels.

It should not be ingested in pregnancy or lactation.

It should also not be consumed by people with iron deficiency anemia or low glucose levels.


It is one of the most used infusions in the world as a drink or in topical applications.

Relieves digestive problems,such as spasms, nausea and vomiting.

Fights respiratory conditions  such as bronchitis, asthma, colds and cough.

It works as a mild sedative  with soothing properties.

It is also used to perform external topical applications  in acne, superficial wounds and burns, dandruff and hemorrhoids.

If cooked and allowed to cool it can be used to treat conjunctivitis.

Diuretic and slimming infusions


Horsetail can increase eliminated urine by 30%. It should be consumed under medical control  as it can cause demineralization if consumed in excess.

It promotes the disappearance of kidney stones and prevents bladder and prostate infections.

It remineralizes the system of the óseo and favors the healing of the skin.

It has irritating properties of the digestive and urinary system if consumed for more than 6 weeks.

Relaxing infusions

They are used to calm states of nervousness, with a relaxing and sedative effect that help to fall asleep better  and control nervous tension.


It is often used to calm nervous states and helps to digest food and  sleep  easily.

It has relaxing and sedative effects on nervous and anxious people.

It also relaxes the bronchial smooth musculature with antitussygenic  and antispasmodic effect.

In addition, it reduces coronary and arterial problems, colic and menstruation.


It is one of the best infusions to relax the central nervous system with hypnotic properties, which makes it ideal for people with insomnia.

It fights stress,anxiety, palpitations, diarrhea, vomiting, mental exhaustion, cardiac arrhythmias, alcoholism, diseases of the digestive system such as  Crohn’s disease, colitis,diverticulitis, gluten intolerance and is an aid to control epilepsy.

Lemon balm

It is very digestive  and is used to calm  anxiety,   headaches  and  nervousness with soothing and tranquilizing properties.


It is used to treat insomnia  and nervous-type conditions.


It has anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, diuretic properties and reduces high sugar levels.

It is used in cases of respiratory conditions,especially of the upper respiratory tract as well as in cases of gastric and intestinal conditions reducing inflammatory processes, diarrhea, vomiting and heavy digestions.

It eliminates heartburn, decreases menstrual pains  and facilitates blood emptying.

It heals wounds and ulcers because it favors their healing.

Fights mycosis of the skin. Improves  hair by providing shine and vigor. Reduces excessive sweating.

It improves the mental deterioration of the insomented.

Antioxidant infusions

These are infusions that help neutralize the effect of free radicals  on the body. Among them are red tea, green tea and roiboos. They have a beneficial effect on the human body and help reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease.


Stimulating drink that is a good alternative to coffee. It has stimulating capacity similar to coffee, diuretic, increases  attentionspan, antioxidant,  regulates high cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of clots in the blood. Prevents cavities.

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