The feet shout what the mouth is silent: what do yours reflect?

The feet shout what the mouth is silent: what do yours reflect?
Our feet are much more important than we think, since they have the ability to show us even health issues that we might not know we had. In them all the organs of our body are reflected, but also our emotions, our energy field and our spiritual world. You may also be interested: Your personality uncovered by the shape of your feet, what is yours?

The feet: a perfect reflection of our whole being

It is incredible, but the feet can show your rhythm of life, your way of eating, the quality of your sleep, rest, stress, worries and all those variations that may be balanced or not.

Recurring tendencies and thoughts are marked on the feet. If they are positive, the marks will be for the benefit of the feet and, by extension, for the whole organism. But if they are negative, the marks will show to be detrimental to the feet and the rest of the body.

For example, stress and blocked emotions They also leave their mark on the feet. Disorders in eating, in the rhythm of sleep and rest and the toxicity overload, will become clearly visible in them, which act as an equilibrium or imbalance barometer.

Very mental, logical and analytical peopleThey have the longest and most stretched fingers and the most creative have round tips like chickpeas. In the area of ​​the plantar arch, when there is much concern, lines that look like waves are formed.

A very square foot will show us a person with their feet on the ground, attached to the earth and material things, while an excessive arc will give signs of someone little supported by the material and more ethereal.

The feet shout what the mouth is silent: what do yours reflect?

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The feet represent the foundations of the whole organism and the direct connection with the earth. They symbolize the direction you follow in life, your position in the world. All the energy zones of the foot can show aspects that speak in both positive, negative or neutral.

The feet are divided into four elements of energetic quality whose combination shows the characteristics of the individual’s personality.


It speaks of mental perception: of ideas, ideals, obsessions, visions, imaginations, creations and desires.


This element in balance shows feelings in the purest sense: love, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, compression, nobility, loyalty and commitment.


When this element is unbalanced, it is a symbol of visceral emotions: resentment, anger, revenge, arrogance, hate, intolerance, insecurity and fears.


This element is related to material achievements, to dependence or personal and material independence.

The feet shout what the mouth is silent: what do yours reflect?

On the other hand, the right and left sides of the body also show their characteristics on the feet and reveal other aspects related to personality.

The right foot show the “I rational”, The relationship with the father, with authority, with work, with material, economic, structural, pragmatic issues, with the here and now.

The left foot show the “me emotional”, Social, who needs the environment to show, relate, the bond with the mother, the ability to create supremely, the power to nourish both physically and emotionally. It also shows the subconscious, the subtle and psychological aspects.

The orientation of your feet also has a meaning, because it expresses the direction of your life and the way you take situations. For example, if your feet are directed to the outside, you may have some confusion along the way to take or, in any case, scattered energies in your projects. Now, if you have them directed inwards, you go through a resistance to those directions that your life will take.

On the other hand, if you suffer from any recurring ailment on your feet, something that you can already take as their own quality, you should also pay attention to it. Swollen feet, for example, reflect a brake on emotions as to the direction you are going to take. In the case of those who usually have cold feet, it is possible the relationship with their mother is questionable, or they maintain a distant bond.

What do your feet reflect?


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