What is healthier: peanut butter or almond cream?

What is healthier: peanut butter or almond cream?

Out of this article are creams that contain unsaturated fats such as palm oil. What we are comparing here are creams made only with nuts, nothing more which are among the few that can fall into the category of realfooding. But, although both are quality foods, surely you also have the doubt: which is better, peanut butter or almond cream?However, perhaps we should rephrase the question, since both are healthy. What must be questioned is: Which of the two best suits my needs? And in this case, looking at the nutritional information of each one can help us.

Let’s first analyze what nutrients a ration (two tablespoons) of each of them gives us.

Peanut Butter Recipe

-Energy value: 203.9 kcal

-Fats: 16.5 g.

– Saturated fat: 2.24 g.

-Carbohydrates: 2.31 g.

-Fiber: 3.27 g.

-Proteins: 9.9 g.

-Vitamin E: 4.29 g.

-Magnesium: 56.43 g.What is healthier: peanut butter or almond cream?

Almond cream recipe:

-Energy value: 209.4 kcal.

-Fats: 17.92 g.

– Saturated fat: 1.41 g.

-Carbohydrates: 2.08 g.

-Fiber: 3.84 g.

-Proteins: 8 g.

-Vitamin E: 7.68 g.

-Magnesium: 86.08 g.What is healthier: peanut butter or almond cream?

As you can see, the differences are not exactly abysmal, because when both are made from dried fruits, their composition is similar. It is true that peanut butter contains more fat, and therefore calories. But its contribution in proteins is also remarkable, an excellent option to obtain them in a vegetable way.

As for the almond cream, we cannot ignore that it contains almost twice as much vitamin E as peanut. A nutrient that acts as antioxidant, protecting our cells from free radicals. But also necessary for the formation of red blood cells. And the same goes for magnesium in the case of almond cream: its amount is much higher than that of peanut butter.

Therefore: which of the two is healthier? Both are. You just have to see which one best fits your needs … or your taste, of course.

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