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Hypertonic drinks: what are they and when should you consume them?

The world of sports drinks can be confusing. However, each of them fulfills a specific role. For example, hypertonic drinks, rather than giving you super special powers, They are designed to energize you and replenish lost electrolytes on the go. Body fluids maintain a perfect balance of electrolytes and water both inside and outside the… Read More »

Paula Echevarria Salad burns calories

The actress has shared a salad recipe that has a very special ingredient that helps burn calories. Paula Echevarria has the perfect healthy recipe for dinner time. The actress is taking the start of the course very seriously, without missing the gym and combining training with a healthy diet. Since 7 September, when Paula Echevarría… Read More »

The best infusions to comfort you

-Legs in action If you feel your tired legs try to lighten them with a infusion of red vine, hammamelis and chrysalis. Prepare an infusion by mixing 2 g of the mixture of these herbs (50 g each) for every 250 ml of boiling water. Have a cup two or three times a day outside… Read More »

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Procedure

The adjustable gastric band is a bariatric surgery procedure for the treatment of severe or morbid obesity, that is, the one in which the patient has a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35. This surgery is performed by laparoscopy and involves placing an adjustable band of silicone on the top of the stomach in… Read More »

Is Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Right for Me?

Following a proper diet is essential for weight loss is what Dr. Nowzaradan says, Personalized diets take into account caloric intake depending on the goal of the diet. Hypocaloric if it is for weight loss or hypercaloric, for other goals. First, the weight target is assessed, secondly, the quality of food with priority and, thirdly,… Read More »