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Hypertonic drinks: what are they and when should you consume them?

The world of sports drinks can be confusing. However, each of them fulfills a specific role. For example, hypertonic drinks, rather than giving you super special powers, They are designed to energize you and replenish lost electrolytes on the go. Body fluids maintain a perfect balance of electrolytes and water both inside and outside the… Read More »

The best YouTube channels to practice Yoga

Do you already know the benefits that yoga has on a physical, mental and spiritual level? This science of ancient origin is part of the daily care routines from many people around the world.There are different teachers and different styles of Yoga, but they all point to the same goal: union of body, mind and… Read More »

What is enantyum used for Is it anti inflammatory

The enantyum (or dexketoprofen) refers to a drug that is widely used today. A) Yes, it is included in the group of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), a group of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.Also, you can appear both in the form of gel as in the form of tablets and solutions that are administered orally. In… Read More »

What is hand eye coordination and how to improve it?

Hand-eye coordination is the ability of our eyes to perceive movement and, in turn, direct and control a motor movement using our hands, in response to a certain stimulus. This is possible thanks to vision, since it has different skills. Among them we find accommodation, convergence, binocularity and motor coordination when responding to a stimulus.… Read More »

How much protein should we eat a day?

The debate about how much protein to eat per day is still open. Its presence is key because it develops very important functions in the body, but there is speculation about the optimal proportions. The recommended daily amounts (RDA) are established by experts and serve to avoid a nutritional deficit. In the case of proteins,… Read More »

How long does it take for the stomach to digest food?

The digestive process is key to obtaining the nutrients that food provides us. The time it takes for the stomach to digest food is highly variable and changes depending on the food, the sex of the person or some individual characteristics. Although much of the work is done in this organ, during the digestive process… Read More »

Affective flattening: what is it and why does it occur?

Affective flattening is a psychological phenomenon related to the lack of expression and experience of emotions. In fact, this condition is also called simply emotional indifference, because the person who experiences it acts as if he or she were not interested in the emotional background, either his or her own or others’, of the situations… Read More »

Incisional hernia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Incisional hernia (IH) is a common complication after abdominal surgery. After a laparotomy – opening the abdomen in an operating room – the chances of developing this type of hernia in the first year are 5 to 15%. This percentage is biased, since 35% of them are diagnosed up to 5 years after the operation.… Read More »