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What is peristalsis?

It is known as peristalsis at muscle contractions that happen in the tubular organs of the human body. This includes the digestive system and also the urinary system, where tube-shaped structures transport substances. The contractions of peristalsis are organized and rhythmic. They have a frequency that is considered normal and they are made through the… Read More »

Vegetations or adenoids: what are they?

The correct name would be adenoids, but they are colloquially known as vegetations. They are a part of the immune system of the human being, that is, they fulfill functions of defense of the organism against possible microorganisms or substances that would like to enter from the outside. This immune tissue is located behind the… Read More »

What are antigens and antibodies?

Antigens and antibodies are part of the immune system, defending it, as is the case with antibodies, or attacking it and causing the activation of the immune response, as is the case with antigens. Therefore, our immune system produces antibodies when it detects harmful elements, called antigens. An antigen is a substance foreign to the… Read More »

What can you do to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia

The fibromyalgia It is a disorder characterized by generalized muscle pain accompanied by fatigue and problems with sleep, memory and mood. Researchers believe that it amplifies pain sensations by affecting the way the brain processes pain signals.Occasionally, symptoms begin after physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, the discomforts gradually accumulate… Read More »

What is aerosol therapy?

Aerosol therapy it is a form of treatment that allows to administer substances or drugs in aerosol form, by inhaled route Nebulizers are the devices that are used to administer this type of treatment.The nebulizers are devices that have the ability to convert a liquid into aerosolized particles. In this way, a fine mist is… Read More »

What is healthier: peanut butter or almond cream?

Out of this article are creams that contain unsaturated fats such as palm oil. What we are comparing here are creams made only with nuts, nothing more which are among the few that can fall into the category of realfooding. But, although both are quality foods, surely you also have the doubt: which is better,… Read More »

What role does the family play in the treatment against Alzheimer’s?

The family’s role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease can be quite complicated. The family is also affected by the disease, causing rejection, irritability and inability to accept the reality that is coming. Mental illnesses are still seen as a social stigma, so a favorable family environment is essential for the mental health of the… Read More »

Whole vegan torrijas without sugar

The torrijas are one of the typical sweets of the Spanish gastronomy. Usually, they are eaten during Holy Week but, let’s be honest, they are so delicious that they make you want to eat them all year round! On this occasion, we share with you a step-by-step recipe of whole vegan torrijas, without sugar! Whole… Read More »

Why is industrial bakery not healthy?

The industrial bakery is tempting to eat for its irresistible sweet taste and easy to get, but we know that it is not beneficial for health. Do you want to know why industrial bakery is not healthy? Here we tell you why you shouldn’t eat it. Why is industrial bakery not healthy? What do we… Read More »