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Why should you eat lotus seeds?

The açaí bowls have become the quintessential breakfast of Instagram. Healthy, colorful and above all delicious, are the most demanded option at breakfast time (yes, sorry chia pudding) and why not admit it, at the time of Instagram photo.The most used topping? Strawberry fruit, dehydrated, coconut, pure chocolate … but the seeds they are almost… Read More »

Why thinking too much can reduce your life years

“If it was so ready How is it dead?“, anyone who is minimally fond of  ‘The Simpson‘ Remember this phrase perfectly. A sample of stupidity more than Homer that, in reality, could relate two concepts that are more united than we think or, simply, that can serve the journalist who writes these lines to start… Read More »

Routine to say goodbye to cellulite

One day appears. Do not touch the door, simply install and begin to take over your legs. When you realize it’s already late, the cellulite is already settled and has no plans to leave. Right there the battle begins, hundreds and thousands of women fight against you, drink 3 liters of water a day, (your… Read More »

The 5 best therapeutic mushrooms endorsed by science

Mushrooms are one of the few wild foods that still survive today. Its richness in nutrients turns them into therapeutic mushrooms. That is, a medicinal food to treat and prevent different ailments and improve overall health.In this article we share which are the therapeutic mushrooms most beneficial to health according to scientific research. More and… Read More »

What are boils 7 tips to fight them

Painful, uncomfortable and dangerous if not treated with care: Boils are a nuisance on the skin that we can all suffer, but that can be prevented. Here we will give you some tips to fight boils.It is known as “boils” to abscesses that form on the skin from infection of a hair follicle, structures of… Read More »

Decerebrate and decortication position

Decerebrate and decortication positions are two spontaneous and abnormal positions of the human body that allow the doctor to make the diagnosis of a deep alteration of the nervous or motor system.Although both positions are similar -decerebration and decortication- They have different characteristics and indicate different alterations. Next, we will explain each of them individually.… Read More »

Treatment of postpartum bladder atony

Postpartum bladder atony is the inability to expel urine spontaneously in the period of 6-12 hours after vaginal delivery. The most frequent cause of postpartum bladder atony is the lack of relaxation of the pelvic floor secondary to childbirth. This can be worsened by an especially painful episiotomy or an instrumented delivery. For this reason,… Read More »

Types of therapeutic massages and their benefits

There are different types of therapeutic massages, as well as different classifications of them. It is important to know that The usefulness of massages lies in the treatment of bodily disorders, and that can be extremely efficient in reducing pain. A massage is a soft tissue manipulation that It consists in performing a rhythmic action… Read More »

Types of treatments for papulopustular acne

Papulopustular acne is a specific type of acne. Acne itself is a cutaneous pathology characterized by a inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The so-called comedones are produced. It is the most frequent cause of dermatological consultation. In fact, it is estimated that almost 85% of adolescents suffer to a greater or lesser extent. Acne has… Read More »